Malakand  Gypsy  Cob Stud




The Malakand Story

Why Malakand?   Apart from just a great name?   I went to Pakistan in 1987 to work in the Australian Embassy in Islamabad.   On my first weekend I went to Swat and to get to Swat you have to go up the Malakand Pass.    And as I loved Swat and beyond I went there as often as I could so I got to go up and down the wonderfully wild Malakand Pass quite a bit.

Fast forward 22 years and  someone mentioned Gypsies.  I said, what's a Gypsy? and got on the computer, and was amazed.  I googled, I read and I dreamed, I talked to others who had become smitten before me.   I became consumed by importing a Gypsy mare from the UK.    And one Gypsy suddenly wasn't going to be enough.   She had to be in foal.  Then she had to have a foal at foot.  And the foal at foot was a colt so he had to have a filly.  Within the year, pregnant piebald Magpie, her piebald  colt Hemlock and skewbald filly Belladonna had swapped the wet green of England's Vines for the dry gold of Western Australia's  wheatbelt.   Malakand Stud was born.

So what's the connection between the Malakand Pass and our Malakand Stud?  No connection at all, I just loved the name.