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Malakand Danelaw

If you read The Malakand Story you would have noticed that Magpie was imported in foal.  That foal was Dane but he wasn't the black and white we were anticipating, and was born quite a while after the expected date.    So on Vines suggestion we had him colour tested for dilutes and found he carries the pearl gene, inherited from his father the Old Pearl Colt (Farendon Crème Brulee) who now lives in America.

On  2 November 2009, the morning of his birth, my partner ran into the house yelling that Magpie had foaled and that "he's an absolute pearler", a strangely prophetic comment as we realized later.

Dane has been gelded and re-registered as a part-bred (sadly the Old Pearl Colt was found later to have more than acceptable mixed ancestory) and has begun his education in harness.